Affinidi Builds an On Demand Team to Reach Developer Communities


Scaling Up in a Niche Industry

As a tech company operating in the B2D (Business to Developer) sector, Affinidi wanted to grow awareness and adoption of its self-sovereign identity technology among relevant developer communities around the world. Kamal Laungani, Affinidi’s Global Developer Ecosystem Lead, needed to build a high-performing team that can accelerate the adoption of Affinidi’s game-changing technology.

However, finding talent with relevant experience in both building B2D communities and launching new technologies presented a challenge that few recruiters and agencies can support. That’s when Kamal reached out to Hire Digital. 


A tech company founded and incubated by Singapore government backed investment firm Temasek





Marketing Team


  • Growth & Marketing Lead
  • Performance Marketer


  • Technical Writer


  • Digital Designer
  • Social Media Marketers


Creating a Specialised Team to Accelerate Technology Adoption

After a consultative call to understand Affinidi’s growth plans and industry, Hire Digital curated talent with a focus on technical ability, industry experience, and soft skills. 

By interviewing pre-vetted talent, Affinidi was able to set up their team quickly, hiring talent in as little as 48 hours. The current team comprises a Growth and Marketing Lead, a Performance Marketer, a Technical Writer, and a Digital Designer, with Hire Digital continuing to fulfill other key roles to support Affinidi’s ambitious growth plans.

“Hire Digital helped us set up a global team with talent that had the right digital skills and cultural fit in a matter of weeks,” said Kamal, Global Developer Ecosystem Lead at Affinidi. “This was so much faster. Our newly set up team is collaborative and proactive and is growing Affinidi’s technology awareness and adoption.”

“Hiring talent was way faster with Hire Digital. We could seamlessly hire marketers with the credibility we wanted in the B2D sector.”
Kamal Laungani
Global Developer Ecosystem Lead | Affinidi


Providing Business Value Quickly

Building a high-performing team was much easier with access to Hire Digital’s talent network. With the same resources, Affinidi could hire talent that had more experience in developer marketing and launching new-to-market technologies, as compared to traditional recruitment or agency firms. Hire Digital talent can quickly provide value and set up processes that map back to the industry best practices.


Efficiency and Faster Turnarounds

While Affinidi saved resources in hiring and enhanced recruitment process efficiency, they also reported similar improvements in their operational processes. With skilled, vetted talent, they were able to move much faster.

“The talent we chose with Hire Digital required less handholding. They could advise and spearhead initiatives within the team easily,” said Kamal. “These cross-functional, on-demand teams functioned just like a natural extension of the team and facilitated faster turnarounds. They grew with the brand and contributed just like a full-time employee.”


Increased Engagement and Growth

With the competency of the talent curated by Hire Digital, Affinidi could focus on their growth right away. The newly set up marketing team has already helped Affinidi increase organic traffic and grow lead generation.

Communications and outreach by a team with the right subject matter expertise drove better engagement with the developer communities. Affinidi is on track to achieve its goal of establishing itself as a thought leader in the B2D sector.

Keeping Agile with On Demand Teams

With this success, Affinidi will continue to leverage on-demand teams for agility and faster speed to market. As a technology company targeting the tech and digital community, they must be plugged into the latest channels and strategies. Hire Digital offers those top talent to propel their growth.
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