A Leading Global Commerce Company Builds On-Demand Teams to Drive Demand Generation


Driving Demand Generation

In the past few years, consumer behavior has evolved, but the pandemic has accelerated a digitally based age of retail. Customers today are more conscientious than ever and expect an omnichannel, cross-device shopping experience. This shift is one of the primary drivers for sellers to ensure that their eCommerce platform supports these experiences.

A leading global commerce company wanted to scale demand generation for its proprietary platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. The company needed to stand out in the highly competitive market of eCommerce platforms in order to create more brand awareness and bring a bottom-line impact.

While internal teams were leading multiple campaigns in different geographies, they needed an experienced team to support them with agility, faster turnaround times, and B2B marketing expertise.

The traditional recruiters offer subpar talent matches and lack digital experience. Additionally, the company decided against establishing a new team to assist with this initiative, as it would require too much time and recruiting resources that they didn't have at the time. Outsourcing to external agencies required well-detailed scopes, and hiring agencies across different functions made it more difficult to guarantee agility and scalability.

Several experienced multi-talent freelancers from Hire Digital were contracted to augment the eCommerce conglomerate's in-house digital capabilities. Hire Digital was brought on to create teams that could work with different brands to generate demand, optimize customer experiences, and empower employees.


A leading global commerce company





Marketing Team

  • Growth Marketer
  • Partnerships Marketer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • eCommerce Writer


Building On Demand Teams

We identified the gaps in capability and the digital scope of the initiative through discovery calls with the client. Hire Digital offered a team structure that would allow new on-demand teams to be leveraged to best advantage. Additionally, with the help of these teams, the company was able to build more efficient processes.

A week after the first discovery call, Hire Digital assembled curated teams of talent. In addition to deep digital expertise, the talent had worked at companies including eBay, Unilever, Groupon, Walmart, Etsy, and BestBuy. We provided on-demand teams to start working full-time immediately. 97% of matches were successful, thus enabling faster time-to-market and greater flexibility.

This was faster than working with an external agency or hiring in-house. By combining on-demand teams with in-house capabilities, the company estimated savings of 30%.


Scaling Campaigns

Demand generation initiatives were led by the on-demand teams with little onboarding and training required. The talent had extensive experience in lead generation and innovative B2B marketing approaches. Their rich experience allowed them to propose efficient processes and best practices that would facilitate a faster turnaround time.

Moreover, the company was able to focus on delivering faster with a flexible workforce.


Unlocking Growth

The thought leadership content and performance-led marketing initiatives drove demand for the eCommerce platform. The team also created new, high-converting landing pages and optimized the current web pages. The company saw a 58% reduction in cost per MQL. With a much higher volume of leads for the same budget, more sellers were coming onboard the platform and that improved the revenue.

The UI/UX designer and developer ensured a smooth buying journey across all channels and devices. The team made sure to be active on every channel their customers used in those markets.

Future Outlook

Creating Winning Capabilities with On Demand Teams

Being an eCommerce company, it has to keep up with changing market trends and customer demands. With on-demand teams, the company could enhance its workforce capabilities and revolutionize digital commerce.

This kind of expertise can help reimagine the roles of traditional marketing and sales and provide valuable insights. With Hire Digital's on-demand teams, the company plans to create more centers of excellence in its organizational structure.
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