A Leading Healthcare Group Transforms with On Demand Digital Teams


Driving Digital Transformation

According to a 2021 survey of healthcare executives, 81% say the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating. In response to evolving customer expectations, an international healthcare group needed to transform digitally, by creating new digital products and services to better engage customers and improve patient experiences.

The healthcare group was looking to engage top-performing marketing teams with domain expertise in healthcare, to work alongside their core teams as extended team members. Healthcare agencies were available, but the company did not have confidence in these agencies’ turnaround times and digital abilities. Staffing agencies did not fully understand the skillsets required and could not offer fast turnaround times. And hiring in-house not only was expensive but also could not offer the agility required for this initiative. This was when the company reached out to Hire Digital.


Setting Up On Demand Digital Teams

Hire Digital offered the speed and the expertise that the company was looking for their marketing teams. Post a consultative call, the following teams were curated for the healthcare company to drive their digital marketing programs:



  • Digital Marketers
  • Analytics Managers
  • Web Designers


  • Content Marketers
  • Branding Designers
  • Medical Experts
  • Social Media Marketers


  • SEO Strategists
  • SEO Content Creators

The talent had deep domain expertise in healthcare and had worked with international brands like Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Tempus, Kyruus, ABLE, and more. Some of these experts had won awards for their previous works.

The company started engaging Hire Digital’s network of pre-vetted talent within 48 hours. Hire Digital offered highly curated pre-vetted talent matches that met the skillset and scope requirements, making the process much faster than traditional options.

“Hire Digital helped us scale faster by setting up on-demand teams that integrated with our core workforce. Our ROI was much higher than working with a traditional marketing agency or recruiter.”
Marketing Director
Healthcare Group


Achieving Marketing and Cost Efficiency

The teams curated by Hire Digital were ready to hit the ground running given their prior experience with healthcare brands. These on-demand teams could easily integrate within the core workforce.

The core teams were able to create impact at scale. Many brands under the umbrella of the healthcare group saw a lot more relevant traffic from search and social. With improved user experience, bounce rates dropped, overall engagement improved, and conversion rates increased.

The company observed up to 35% cost savings compared to agency spend in hiring on-demand teams with Hire Digital. The return on marketing investment was much higher, enabling the company to scale this initiative to new markets and brands. The on-demand teams offered agility to the marketing and digital teams at the healthcare group. This led to faster turnaround times and improved campaign results.


Improving Patient Experience

Leveraging the expertise of Hire Digital’s teams, which included experienced digital and medical communications professionals, the healthcare group built new digital products and optimized existing digital channels. It was also able to capture customer attention and build trust with its patients.

Patients could make informed choices about their treatment by engaging with relevant, credible content. They had easier access to medical services and their doctors. The client also had better visibility of the customer journey. This led to a more holistic patient experience and improved patient retention.

Future Outlook

Creating A Centre of Excellence

The healthcare group is now working with Hire Digital to build more on-demand teams to create a centre of excellence with an in-house agency.

Meanwhile, the company continues to use more on-demand talent to pilot new marketing and digital strategies. Especially in launching new digital products and programs, expanding to new markets, and increasing patient awareness, the healthcare group finds on-demand teams indispensable.

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