A Multinational Healthcare Company Grows New Digital Products with On Demand Teams


A Fortune 500 healthcare's new digital brand




Driving New Digital Initiatives

A multinational healthcare company was venturing into digital health products to engage doctors and clinicians worldwide. It was launching digital products that aimed to engage different healthcare communities such as cardiovascular disease management, clinical laboratory, etc.

The company was looking at testing and experimenting with new digital strategies. The healthcare conglomerate needed top-performing talent with experience launching digital healthcare products, who could hit the ground running and demonstrate ROI quickly. They must also have an understanding of the medical & healthcare space and laboratory scientific research space.

The in-house team was leading many initiatives and the company needed an experienced and specialized team focused on this project. The core teams weren’t satisfied with the agencies and recruiters that they considered. The process with recruiters was time-consuming and the talent was underwhelming in their domain expertise. Healthcare specialized agencies were available, but they didn't understand the digital aspect of the project. This was where Hire Digital came in.


Setting Up On Demand Digital Teams

Hire Digital curated specific teams to support the healthcare company throughout its journey in launching and growing its new brand. The talent possessed domain expertise in healthcare and medical, as well as marketing skills and capabilities.

Marketing Team


  • UI/UX Designers
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Social Media Marketers


  • Content Strategists
  • Medical Writers
  • Data Visualization Designers
  • Designers
  • Video Editors & Animators
  • Social Media Marketers
    Performance Marketers
    Digital Partnerships Experts


  • Performance Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Digital Designers


  • Data Literacy Experts
  • eCommerce Marketers

“We had suitable talent recommendations coming in within 48 hours. Hire Digital curated specialized teams in a matter of days to launch and grow the new brand,” said the Digital Lead. “This was much faster than traditional recruitment options that we have used in the past, and more digital and specialized than agencies.”

"Hire Digital offered pre-vetted, quality talent to grow our new digital product. Their industry expertise drove the product’s growth at all stages and achieved our targets.”
Regional Business Manager
Multinational Healthcare Company


Optimizing Performance

With a multiskilled team that had prior experience in launching digital health products, the company could leverage this expertise early on. The team quickly identified the channels relevant for healthcare professionals and optimized them for better engagement. It could also experiment with new channels and strategies to fuel growth with the on-demand team. They could foster brand awareness and drive lead generation. Following are a few areas that the on-demand team directly worked on:

Revamping websites UI/UX for an improved experience
Optimizing webpages for performance and conversions
Creating collateral for lead generation campaigns
Designing reports and surveys


Hiring Top Talent at Lower Costs and Improving Efficiency

The talent included top performers with relevant experience, but the costs were much lower than traditional options. For a content marketing campaign, the company saved 50% costing compared to an agency option with industry-specialized resources.

The skilled experts placed by Hire Digital required little onboarding or training and could create business value right away. Team collaboration and efficiency improved the product's growth at all stages, facilitating a seamless customer experience.


Generating Leads and Increasing Engagement

With the agility of on-demand teams, the company expanded its new brand and engaged the healthcare community. The lead generation team could build a pipeline of qualified leads (healthcare professionals).



  • 50% growth in organic traffic
  • 10,000+ paid qualified clicks


  • 20% growth in organic traffic
  • 20,000+ paid qualified clicks

Future Outlook

Continuing Growth

The healthcare MNC is now in conversations with Hire Digital for the next project of marketing. The company needs faster time to market and has engaged an on-demand team composed of eCommerce Marketer, Performance Marketers, Partnerships & Influencer Marketer, Content Marketers, Account Director, UI/UX Designer, Web Conversion Optimisation Expert, and SEO Strategists. Hire Digital could set up this team in less than a week.

The client will continue to use on-demand teams to expand into new markets. “Hiring talent on demand is a quick way to test new marketing and digital strategies. On-demand teams enhance the efficiency of the core team and offer faster turnaround times. When you’re expanding into a new market, the agility provided by these teams is crucial,” said the Digital Capabilities Lead.

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