Singtel Expands into New Digital Businesses with On Demand Teams


Launching Digital Business Segments

As a leading telecommunications group dedicated to continuous innovation, Singtel was launching and offering an extensive range of new digital solutions besides its core telecom services.

The telco conglomerate needed specialised agile marketing and digital talents to facilitate go-to-market and growth across their digital products, which comprises B2B and B2C solutions spanning a wide range of industries and markets. Going with traditional solutions was expensive and were often not specialized in different domains and across various markets. The company needed to work with a partner that fully understood the fast-growing and dynamic digital landscape. This was when the company decided to explore the idea of on-demand teams with Hire Digital.


Singtel, Asia’s leading communications technology group, operating in one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic regions



VIA Open Platform Team


Build thought leadership
Improve domain authority of website


  • SEO Strategist
  • Linkbuilder
  • Content Marketer
  • Content Writer
  • Video Producer
  • Digital Partnerships Strategist


Creating Specialised Teams to Accelerate Growth

Through consultative sessions to understand Singtel’s marketing goals, workflows and resources across different digital products, Hire Digital curated vetted on-demand digital & marketing teams equipped with relevant skill sets and expertise to drive results.

By working with vetted candidates, the telecom group was armed with specialized teams that could help them successfully go-to-market and fulfil ambitious growth targets. These on-demand teams blended with their core workforce. The internal team reported that working with Hire Digital was efficient, as though they were working with extended team members.


Providing Business Value Quickly

Hire Digital could build on-demand digital teams for the company in as little as 48 hours. It leveraged Hire Digital’s global network of vetted experts to accelerate growth and expansion to new markets. With years of experience in distinct industries and markets, Hire Digital talents brought in the much needed expertise to set up channels, launch campaigns, and pilot new strategies efficiently.

"Hire Digital helped Singtel propel growth into new digital businesses by building on-demand teams with top talent specialized in our domain and channels.”
Wendy Tan
Marketing Director | Singtel


Faster Time to Market

Equipped with highly relevant experiences and skill sets, the cross-functional teams assembled by Hire Digital did not need much training or onboarding and could quickly get started. They were soon bringing in best practices and spearheading initiatives within the company.

Hire Digital enabled the telecom giant to pursue its ambitious growth targets with seamless access to top talents, saving the client valuable time in hiring, onboarding, and training new people, while also reducing costs compared to traditional agencies or recruiters.

VIA Connects Team


  • Increase partner & merchant acquisitions
  • Increase transaction values


  • SEO Strategist
  • Linkbuilder
  • Content Marketer
  • Content Writer
  • Video Producer
  • CMS Manager
  • Web Conversion
  • Optimization Strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer


Improved Marketing ROI

With the expertise and agility of on-demand teams, the company is able to foster brand awareness for its diverse digital products. With new visitors from both B2B and B2C, it’s bringing in more leads and increasing the overall marketing ROI.

Future Outlook

Continuing Growth

The company plans to continually expand its products’ reach and penetrate new markets. To scale quickly and power ongoing channels, Hire Digital can offer the right talent expertise and set up teams within days. believes this flexibility is crucial in achieving marketing excellence.

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