Fashion Platform Style Theory Accelerates Growth with Specialized Marketing Talent


Innovating & Achieving Growth in a Competitive Market

With business expanding quickly for Southeast Asia's largest circular fashion platform, Style Theory, they needed to launch new campaigns and optimize processes to accelerate growth. To achieve this, they required specialized marketing talent that would also align with their brand philosophy and company culture.

“The digital team fuels growth for our company in this competitive market,” said Ashika Wong, Regional Manager for Brand & Content Marketing at Style Theory. “It’s imperative for us to continuously innovate to stay competitive and find hyper-growth.

”With a lean internal team setup, Ashika looked at marketing agencies but found them expensive and not specialized. Recruiters didn’t understand the fast-growing digital space and were rather slow, with less specialisation in marketing and digital talent. That’s when she reached out to Hire Digital with her talent requirements.


Style Theory, Southeast Asia's largest circular fashion platform





Marketing Team

  • Email Marketer
  • Content Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • CRM Strategist
  • Growth Marketer
  • e-Commerce Marketer


Specialized Talent: Extension of Core Workforce

Hire Digital understood the challenges, objectives, and workings of the fashion platform to offer handpicked recommendations from their network of vetted marketers. As a leading fashion lifestyle brand, Style Theory needed a team that understands the fashion industry and has the experience launching growth products. Hire Digital assembled a team of talent with experience in eCommerce and digital brands.

The marketing team setup included Email Marketers, Content Marketers, Social Media Marketers, CRM Strategists, Growth Marketers, and e-Commerce Marketers. This cross-functional digital team was well-equipped with the experience and expertise to execute new strategies and optimize existing channels quickly.

“The process of engaging talent through Hire Digital was seamless and fast. They offered the skillsets and the industry expertise that we needed to grow. Talent was placed within hours or days,” said Ashika.

“Not only did Hire Digital understand Style Theory's skill requirements, but they also understood our company’s growth plans, brand philosophy, and culture, and were able to set up teams that were truly a good fit. The talent assembled by Hire Digital worked like an extension of our core team leading to effective collaboration. This was not the case with other recruitment options. Being able to tap into Hire Digital’s network of top people globally, we could further expand our business to new markets.”

“The marketing specialists recommended by Hire Digital have been instrumental in achieving our ambitious growth goals."
Ashika Wong
Regional Manager | Style Theory


Savings in Hiring and Training

In hiring a new team, a lot of time and money is spent on recruitment as well as on training and onboarding personnel. Hire Digital offered curated, pre-vetted talent, making the hiring process fast and seamless. These highly skilled marketers had relevant experience and required minimal onboarding. Style Theory was able to assemble a team that was ready to perform fast.

Hire Digital was very thorough in its vetting process, from helping Style Theory refine the talent requirements, and down to interviewing and working with the right teams. This process took days, instead of months as it would have with traditional recruiters or agencies, or hiring in-house.

“The team assembled by Hire Digital worked very well with our internal teams and provided faster turnaround times,” said Ashika Wong. “In achieving hockey stick growth, time is truly money. And Hire Digital made sure we didn’t lose any, enabling us with skilled talent to relentlessly pursue our growth targets.”

“Hire Digital stood out for their high match accuracy. Understanding our talent and business requirements, they offer talent matches that are just the right fit. This was compared to most recruiters for whom it’s just a volume game. They helped us identify the right candidates early on, so we did not have to waste any time reviewing, interviewing, or hiring the wrong people.”


Rapid Market Expansion

Style Theory’s on-demand team assembled by Hire Digital improved the overall speed to market and increased marketing ROI.“Hire Digital brought in talent who could expedite our launch in new markets,” said Ashika Wong. “Within just 6 months, our campaigns for 4 new business lines were live and driving revenue growth in 3 markets. Faster speed to market was a real game-changer for us, and it was only possible with the on-demand talent by Hire Digital.”

Maintaining Competitiveness

As Style Theory pilots new business models, they will continue to leverage on-demand teams with specialized, top-performing talent.
“Using Hire Digital's network of marketing experts, we can power our current channels and pilot new initiatives to accelerate our growth and maintain competitiveness,”
said Ashika Wong, Regional Manager at Style Theory.
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